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Welcome to Who’s A Good Dog Winnipeg/Whiteshell

We’re committed to providing fast, fun, effective solutions to help you and your dog start out right, and to assist with any dog training challenges along the way!

We specialize in bringing harmony and understanding to multi-pet homes of all breeds, all ages, using up-to-date science-based positive reinforcement training.

Puppies and newly adopted dogs deserve great training, and the chance to put their best paw forward. We can help set your family up for success! Whether you’ve had your dog one day, a week or 10 years, there’s always room for building a terrific, trusting relationship with you.

Can we help you? Of course!

Tired of barking, jumping, mouthing, biting, and fighting? 

Does your dog run and hide when the leash comes out? Is he under the table barking when guests come over or are they almost knocking over that one relative (who doesn’t love dogs) with exuberant behaviour?

Does Rex-Fido hate to be petted, or does he guard his food bowl, toys, and the space around you? We can help with all of that, and quickly, so you can get back to enjoying life together.

Inappropriate elimination is one of the top reasons people give up their dogs. With our help, you may have stepped in the last indoor, er, puddle, too.

He won’t listen unless I have a treat.” We hear that occasionally. We’ll help you build attention and focus with your dog, even in highly distracting situations. After all, focus and A BRILLIANT RECALL will potentially save your dog’s life one day!

We’re based both in Winnipeg, Manitoba and in the Whiteshell area where we’re working on a large, safe space for dogs to enjoy nature along with their humans.

Send us a text or email today!