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“Asmara is a fantastic trainer – very knowledgeable and helpful and committed to positive reinforcement. Our dog goes for weekly outings with her and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs while getting some great exercise in is invaluable for our family. Thanks Asmara!”

Allison Em

“I inherited an absolute fruit loop of a dog from my Dad. Peed everywhere, stole food from the counters, barked incessantly, and tried to run off after squirrels (I don’t blame him for the last one) After sessions with Asmara Polcyn he was a different dog – listened to commands, easily trainable for new tricks and commands, and just an all around amazing dog to have in the house. Before Asmara? Unmanageable and exhausting. After Asmara? A beautiful, well trained dog.”

Liberty Des Roches-Dueck

“When I was going to adopt a puppy from a rescue and had a meet and greet between the adoptee and my dog, Asmara was highly recommended by another dog trainer. I met Asmara and her knowledge of body language of the dogs and she showed genuine care for both dogs to ensure they would be a good fit. She has a fresh out take on training the dogs as well gives plenty of educational video to help the client understand what she is training as well as a good tool to use once she has gone. As a client, it’s a great educational videos that can help remind the client what they may have forgotten in the training. I highly recommend Who’s A Good Dog as Asmara brings a natural outlook to the issues at hand with ur pet as well as her friendliness and outstanding skills. She always makes me laugh. Her training has helped the transition of the puppy to my household as my dog wasn’t quite accepting at first when the puppy arrived. I was quite stressed when I wasn’t sure what I should do when he was madly barking at my new puppy. Rest assure due to Asmara, the 2 dogs are getting along and their is harmony in the house. If anyone is looking for a good trainer Asmara has surpassed the 5 star rating…”

Julie Jules

“I called Asmara b/c I felt like I was failing my dog. I didn’t know how to manage her aggression to other dogs, or if I should introduce another animal to our home. Asmara teaches positive re-enforcement. If you want the dog to do something, give her a good reason to do it! Instead of saying to the dog, “Don’t do behaviour you don’t want“, Say, “Let’s do Behaviour you do want. My dog was smiling more than I’ve ever seen her smile after our session with Asmara. She gave us a lot of information and raised the bar for the quality of life this dog could have in my home! Thank you Asmara!”

Anna Masiowska